Prioritization and DAMN IT, it’s hard!

My Decent into Madness after Domestic Violence and other stuff that non-functioning minds find cool

PRIORITIZATION.  It’s DAMN hard.  Seriously.

Work is easy.  I got emails that flood my inbox that drive my priorities for the day.  Then, I have the major projects I have dedicated myself too that fight for priority in my life.  I have coworkers that come to my cube insisting that they are the highest priority.  (Of course you are!).  But, what about my personal life?  Work always dominates because it pays the bills.  I HAVE to manage my job well else there will be dire consequences and Mommy could lose her house.

Keep House – Priority Number one.

So, how do I get my personal priorities arranged so they are not forgotten and buried under the impending doom of lack of source of income?

Sometimes, I believe that having kids makes it a little easier to NOT be a workaholic.  I guess I was a parentaholic.  Constantly researching better ways to…

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