Review Policy and Contact


Currently excepting ARCs via NetGalley. I’m also reviewing books I’ve personally purchased. I review ebooks by Indie authors and am not paid for my reviews. You may contact me at throwthisbookatme[at]gmail[dot]com.


I review books I buy myself and those provided to me by publishers or authors. I review any author who acts like a professional author and engages the literary community like one. All reviews are listed by title under the Book Reviews and Interviews tab.

My ratings:

  • 5 stars: found myself thinking about this book days after I read it; writing, characters, and plot worked for me; there was a subjective something special in it for me.
  • 4 stars: solidly entertaining story; writing, characters, and plot mostly worked for me; there was something that kept me from loving it, but over all, a strong read
  • 3 stars: would read this writer again, even if this story wasn’t everything I hoped; there was something with the writing, characters, or plot that kept being an issue for me; usually strong writing, but just not for me
  • 2 stars: a serious problem with either characters, writing, or plot; misrepresented the genre or basic premise of the novel; would probably not read this author again unless by strong reccomendation
  • 1 star: did not finish; major flaw in characters, writing, or plot; would not read this author again

My reviews:

  • To help determine who should read the book. No book is for everyone, and there’s a lot out there to read.
  • To point out genuinely interesting parts of a book. I tend to focus on the good over the bad, and I love the moments where I want to shout or clap or swear or giggle.
  • That said, nothing is perfect, and I’ll say what didn’t work for me.


(All genres are YA/NA/adult unless otherwise noted. I will review novels with cross-genre appeal.)


  • High and epic fantasy–currently what I want to review the most
  • Urban fantasy/contemporary fantasy –favorite genre
  • Paranormal
  • High fantasy
  • Portal fantasy
  • Steampunk


  • Space operas
  • Speculative sci-fi
  • Dystopia